Dolphins & Whales in Captivity

  1. Coalition for No Whales in Captivity:
  2. Dolphin Project:
  3. In Defense of Animals:
  4. Zoo Check:

Dolphin Conservation

  1. Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society.
  2. Marine Connection – Dedicated to the preservation and conservation of dolphins, whales and their marine environment, worldwide.
  3. The Marine Connection Charity:
  4. Blue Voice:
  5. Care for the Wild, UK:
  6. Cetacean Society International:
  7. Earth Island Institute, Marine Mammal Project:
  8. Humane Society US:
  9. World Society for the Protection of Animals:
  10. ORCA UK Marine Conservation Charity:

Dolphin Research & Interest

  1. Ceta-Research:
  2. International Dolphin Watch:
  3. Interspecies Newsletter:
  4. Irish Dolphins:
  5. The Whale, a must see documentary film about the difficult and ineffable bond between human and cetacean–and the controversial chaos that arises when these two worlds collide:
  6. TerraMar Research:
  7. Whale Watch West Cork:
  8. Wild Dolphin Project:


  1. Environmental Investigation Agency.
  2. Beata Pillach, A gifted animal communicator:
  3. Key West – Your Local Guide for things to do in Key West Florida. Key West Tours and Activities.
  4. Eye of the Dolphin – News Blog:
  5. Wild dolphin excursion, in connection with The Monroe Institute: