Dolphins need our support!

Sad to report, support for the cause to help end the killing of dolphins in Japan is facing a serious low. The drive-slaughter season in Japan is over for the summer, but the fight to see an end to this cruel practise goes on because on September 1st, it all begins again. And throughout the summer whales and small cetaceans are still being harpooned in Japan’s coastal waters.

One Night Only

The good news is we have seen very real and positive progress in Taiji this last season with fewer numbers of dolphins being killed. But to continue these efforts, we need your help! So, we’d like to invite UK dolphin supporters to join us for a special fundraiser screening on Friday May 18th at the Soho Hotel in London.


Dolphins are one of the world’s most popular and sought-after creatures, possessed of a mysterious and compelling allure; this has resulted in increased demand to supply marine parks and ‘swim with dolphins’ attractions opening in many holiday locations, cashing in on human desire for closer contact with these magnificent marine mammals. However, there is a darker side to this ‘experience of a lifetime’ kept secret and hidden from the public; ‘The Cove’ exposes the shadowy international trade in what have come to be known as ‘blood dolphins’ – involving big money and corruption at the highest levels of the marine park industry and government.

Author Leah Lemieux and advocate Tia Butts are part of a team of international experts working to save the lives of thousands of dolphins in Japan and expose the secretive connections to holiday resorts and marine parks around the world who keep these animals in captivity.

Join us for an exclusive screening of ‘The Cove’ and the opportunity to put your questions directly to those involved in helping to expose this atrocity.

Friday 18 May @ 7.00pm – The Soho Hotel, London

Spaces at this screening/event are strictly limited – reservations by email only to

Event supported by London based dolphin/whale charity Marine Connection


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