jump for your supper

Oct 17th 2011. Another day in Taiji, where despite good weather, the dolphin hunters returned back to port empty handed.
With that worry out of the way, attention turned to monitoring some of the many cetaceans held captive around Taiji, from the ten false killer whales (or pseudorcas) recently captured and held in the harbour pens, to those many unfortunates languishing at the Whale Museum and Dolphin Resorts.

The connection between the killing, capturing, buying, selling and trade in dolphins and whales is nowhere more obvious than in Taiji. However, this deadly connection is intentionally hidden from the many Japanese tourists visiting these parts, eagerly paying to watch dolphin shows and to pet, kiss and swim with captive cetaceans, all of whom have endured the trauma of chase, capture and the tragic slaughter of their families and communities.

It is frustrating that the authorities keep us behind barriers where we cannot even try to communicate with these unsuspecting Japanese tourists to attempt to warn them about the system of killing and capture they support by buying tickets to these marine attractions–money that goes directly into the pockets of the men here who cruelly and intentionally harm dolphins.
How ironic that it is the lure of the dolphins’ beauty and grace that condemns them to death and servitude….

abuse is not amusing

We also saw that more pens for fresh-caught captives are being built on the Taiji pier, in anticipation of the many more dolphins to be enslaved to feed our desire to get close to these magnificent creatures.

prisons in the making

as with everything, education is Key…
For a fine example, please see this short video put together with Dr Lori Marino on cetacean captivity:
A Better Way to see Whales


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