November 11th Remembrance– for the family of Pilot Whales who’s lives were cruelly taken in the Cove earlier today. What is a pilot whale? These cetaceans grow up to twenty feet long and are members of the dolphin family. They are able to dive to over two thousand feet, in search of squid. Most often pilot whales make the news when they strand en masse on remote, storm-tossed strands. One of the reasons this may happen is because one or several whales are ill or weak, but the bonds between family/community members are so incredibly strong, they refuse to abandon their ailing pod-mate—and when weather conditions or coastal contours are just wrong—a mass stranding occurs.
Pilot whales also have the misfortune of being the cetacean species most targeted for slaughter by islanders in the infamous Faeroes Islands. Good news on this front, btw, Sea Shepherd’s Whale Warriors will be bringing their attention to this place soon—right where they are so needed!!! Stay tuned!

Today about ten pilot whales, after hours of valiant efforts to escape the nets and knives of the Taiji dolphin killers, succumbed and were murdered for their flesh—which contains among the highest concentrations of lethal mercury found in any cetacean species. Death for whales; poison for humans; $$$ for dolphin killers.
I wanted to post some pictures here so you can see the sweet, curious faces of these mysterious whales we call Pilot. (pix by Danny Kessler). They live in stable matriarchal families, where Grandmother whale can live to over sixty years, as essential wisdom keeper for the family community. She is the one who knows where to find food when the mackerel run fails every fifty years. She is the one they all look to for guidance in difficult time—but what could Grandmother whale do to save her family today, chased mercilessly by 13 power boats and 26 heartless men? So their graceful bodies could be chopped up for $300 a corpse?
Is this all the value that can be seen in these incredible beings, with brains larger than our own? A mere $300 worth of meat?

intelligence and curiosity in this sweet, mysterious face. photos by Danny Kessler.

Each time more whales and dolphins are killed and captured for pleasure and profit, our world loses a little more beauty and magic. And our world becomes a little darker.
There are more important things than national pride—mercy, compassion and kindness. East and West share a more ancient heritage than whaling or the culture that defines any particular nation—that of our humanity. The humanity of all human beings is challenged and tarnished by the killing of dolphins and whales.
Please contact you Japanese Embassy each time you hear of a kill/capture in Taiji. Our combined voices ARE having an impact and this pressure is being felt all the way down to the Cove.

these amazing beings--reduced to a rubble of flesh and blood by the greedy and heartless killers in Taiji. This must end.


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